Located near the end of state Route 161 in the remote town of Allagash in northern Maine, we offer premium hunts for the discriminating sportsman. Our programs are radically designed and orchestrated to provide you with the ultimate opportunity to attain the trophy of a lifetime. Whether your pursuit  be a legendary   Maine buck, ruffed grouse, muskie, brook trout, trophy Eastern moose, giant Maine black bear, or a week relaxing on a remote river; we have the experience, passion, and resources to make your dream vacation come true. Maine Trophy Outfitters prides itself with an unparalleled combination of honesty, integrity, and experience.

       "I live and work 52 weeks a year in the Allagash woods; hunting, fishing, trapping, logging and snowmobiling in the same 3.5 million acre area we guide in. This relentless pursuit of quality life experiences has resulted in an understanding and appreciation of Maine and its abundant game that is without peer. This is an integral part in Maine Trophy Outfitters providing the level of unprecedented opportunity, success and satisfaction that our guests would expect. Help us pass this knowledge on; let us be your guide." 

                                -Dan Wagner

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                   tro·phy (trō′fē)  noun.  a memento, as of one's personal achievements

Bear Hunting

Check out what's to come for the 2017 season!

Moose Hunting

The Maine moose hunt: a once in a lifetime experience!!